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Hello Veronique,

How are you?

I arrived in Brussels on Saturday and Kathy opened the door for me and gave me the keys, as you said per E-mail. Thank you very much for arranging everything for me.Frederic also explained some things to me, everybody`s being very helpful. Also a friend of you was in the house on Sunday and asked, if everything is ok..

I do like the studio very much! 

Julia (from Germany)
Studio 4th floor


Brussels, 25/2/2009

I have lived in the studio on the second floor for six months, and never had any major problems during this time. I very much enjoyed the good community in the house and you will never feel alone. Also, the location of the house is very well reachable and close to the major tram and metro lines. Veronique supports you in all questions and situations. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.
Während meines Praktikums habe ich in dem Studio (2te Etage) gewohnt. Durch die vielen Nationalitäten und vielen anderen Praktikanten werden auf jeden Fall viel Möglichkeiten für gemütliches Beisammen sein bieten. Das Haus ist durch die Metro und Tram gut gelegen. Ausserdem, wird man bei Fragen und Problemen jederzeit von Veronique unterstützt. Bei Rückfragen, könnt ihr euch gerne an mich wenden.

Robin (from Germany)

 Bonjour Veronique,

merci pour le transfert de la garantie  locataive et tout le déroulement qui était parfait.

Benjamin (from Germany)


Dear Ms Veronique,
I am sending this e-mail to you, merely to say thank you for your services.  Even though I am hearing from my colleagues that house-hunting in this city is too tough, you make it looks like a piece of cake, this is the reason that you deserve a huge huge thank you!!
Since my tenancy agreement is coming to an end, and my flight is in 3 days (morning 4th of October), with this e-mail, I would like to ask whether you are waiting for someone else to take my room till this weekend or I could stay for these few extra days? Since today it is also my last day at work, I would have the time to clean the place and leave it in the situation which i took it 45 days ago.

I will really appreciate your help
Best Regards,


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